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Attica Land

The Attica Gaia Festival, New Thesmoforia, is a multi-faceted project coordinated by the Region of Attica, under the auspices of the Hellenic Tourism Organisation and with the support of the Development Organisation “New Metropolitan Attica S.A.” It represents a realization of the idea of the President of the E.O.T., Mrs. Angela Gerekou, for an event dedicated to the celebration of the land of Attica, its history, culture, nature and unique products, in collaboration with Dr. Aikaterini Polymerou – Kamilaki, former Director of the Centre of Folklore of the Academy of Athens.
A new, modern and interactive institution that connects the natural environment and the Earth of Attica with history and culture, the course of Attica through time with a modern identity of a dynamic, extroverted and sustainable metropolitan area.

It constitutes a modern, new, interactive initiative that connects the natural environment and the land of Attica with history and culture, and charts the course of  Attica’s evolution through time leading to its modern identity of a bustling, sustainable metropolitan area.

It includes events to highlight the land of Attica and its agri-food products, experiential educational  initiatives with environmental and agri-food nature themes, as well as actions to highlight the cultural heritage of Attica.

The Goals

  • Promotion of the interconnection of the historical land of Attica and its cultural wealth with agri-food, the products of Attica and tourism.
  • Promotion of the unique elements of the land which help to differentiate agri-food products of Attica in line with international wellness and health trends and promotion of multiple options for their public consumption.
  • Strengthening the integration of agri-food products in Attica’s businesses.
  • Showcasing the diversification of the tourism product and enhancing the gastronomic quality offered to visitors, businesses and the public in the region.
  • Raising awareness and promoting the cultural identity of Attica as a destination.
  • Staging 7 unique events, from 16th to 24th  September, sharing the common theme of  the culture and the fertile land of Attica.
  • Even spread of events across many popular venues in  Attica, such as Attiko Grove, Antonis Tritsis Park, Alimos ( the Athenian Riviera),  Drapetsona Fertilizers Multifunctional  Park and Event Venue and Pedion tou Areos Park.
  • Inclusion in the festival of an array of cultural activities, including educational workshops and experiential educational activities of an environmental and agri-food nature, actions to promote nature, the natural environment and the metropolitan green spaces of Attica.
  • Utilization of modern extroversion strategies and product promotion programmes.

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