Attica Molecular Mixology

  • Location:MoMix Bar
  • Date:24/09/2023
  • Time:20:00
  • Είσοδος:

    Entrance by Invitation for the event on 24.09.2023. For expressions of interest please contact [email protected]

An unmissable evening of original molecular cocktails and a special menu created exclusively from Attica products with a modern twist.

Variety and originality are on the menu as the time-honoured products of Attica are shaken up a little by trademark molecular mixology.

At MoMix Bar in Kerameikos is a chance to enjoy new flavors of Attica. MoMix puts molecular science together with dazzling bartending and the result is truly impressive. Bubbles, with its mouth-popping, flavour-changing sensation, is one of the numerous creative cocktails that have to be tasted to be believed!

Throw into the mix the use of techniques such as spherification, gelation, steaming, a spot of dry ice, liquid nitrogen and other food additives and the modern mixologist’s makeover of traditional Attica products is complete!
Try the unique cocktails designed for the Gaia Attica Festival, at MoMix from 16th  to 24th  September.

Attica Molecular Mixology - A new dimension to the products of Attica

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