Attica Molecular Mixology

A unique experiential experience with original molecular cocktails was presented on Sunday 24 September 2023,

at MoMix Bar in Kerameikos.

Custom made molecular cocktails and an original, rich menu created exclusively with products of Attica Earth in a unique experience of flavors and aromas. A marriage of pastry and mixology.

Participants tasted recipes made from products of Attica and watched the preparations before their eyes. Herbs, spices, Kythera honey, fruits, pistachio of Aegina, distillates of Attica, etc. were some of the local products used to create this original menu.

Those who attended had the opportunity to watch and taste, among other things, the process of spherification of a liqueur and then combining it with various ingredients to create an explosion of flavour on the palate, the transformation of a cocktail into an ice cream without the use of water, using only dry ice, and mini cocktails in a test tube with spherification, served with dry ice sublimation.

A new modern dimension to the local products of Attica.

Event Video: Attica Molecular Mixology – A new dimension in Attica’s products


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