Tradition & Attica Land

A beautiful evening was experienced by those of us who were at the Old Town Hall of Drapetsona on Wednesday, 27.09.2023, in the framework of the 1st Gaia Attica Festival 2023 – New Institutions. In the event “Tradition & Attica Earth”, we came close to beloved traditions, sounds and flavors of our land in a celebration dedicated to Attica Earth.

The musical band of G. Kotsinis, special gastronomic delicacies and the local cultural associations, welcomed us in a celebration of Greek intangible cultural heritage.

Event Video: tradition & Attica | A celebration dedicated to Attica

The evening was accompanied by music from leading masters of our folk tradition with a wide repertoire from all over Greece:

Kostas Kikilis on the violin

On the clarinet George Kotsinis

Thomas Konstantinou on oud and lute

On percussion, Manousos Klapakis

George Skordalos on the lyre of Crete and singing

Christos Davris on the Cretan lute

The dance groups of local cultural clubs that took the lead in the celebration were:

– The Cretan Association of Keratsini – Drapetsona “the Arkadi”

– The Cretan Association of Nice – Korydallos

– The Epirus Association of Piraeus

– Τhe Cretan Dance Association Apteraioi

While the Cultural Association Chrysalis welcomed the audience with its unique handmade crafts.


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