Greek Breakfast of Attica Land

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels presented the Greek Breakfast of Attica at the Gaia Festival | New Thesmoforia


The “Gaia Festival of Attica | New Thesmoforia” welcomed the innovative “Greek Breakfast” at a special event in the Athenian Riviera, in Alimos.

In a unique event at the beautiful Ble Pavillon, the Greek Breakfast of Attica Land was presented today, Thursday 21 September, to journalists and guests from the tourism sector and primary production. The attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a unique experiential experience and discover the value of the Greek – Mediterranean diet and the products of Attica, through the scientific view of Georgios Boskos, professor of Harokopeion University and nutritionist.

The event unfolded a special gastronomic journey with products of Attica. Through presentations of local products and dishes in the specially designed Attica Corner, live cooking demonstrations and presentations, the unique flavours and local products of Attica Land were presented. Participants had the opportunity to learn the secrets of traditional Greek coffee in the hovoli, to enjoy organic herbal infusions from Attica, to taste unique products of Attica, such as pistachio Aegina, honey, olive oil, figs, traditional lemonade and to discover new recipes from pure local products.

The “Greek Breakfast” is the inspired program of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and Restaurants, aiming to connect the country’s gastronomic wealth with the visitor’s experience and to promote the gastronomic heritage of each place through a program designed to distinguish products from each region. With the seal of certification of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, “Greek Breakfast” is an innovation, a structured programme, providing an opportunity for the visitor to discover the gastronomic and cultural heritage of the destination. The aim is to place the quality, local products of Greece at every stage of the visitor’s travel experience.

Event Video: Greek Breakfast of Attica Earth | Event Highlights

The President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Mr. Alexandros Vassilikos, said: “Gone are the decades when, the success of tourism was measured in terms of heads or turnover. The success and dynamics of the tourism product is now measured in the diffusion of the tourism product in the local community as well as in the positive effects and multiplier benefits it brings to sectors outside of tourism, highlighting culture, history, gastronomy and sectors such as innovation, industry and everything else that makes up the social fabric of the country.

In particular, the Hellenic Breakfast Programme is based on a major effort to highlight the country’s quality primary sector in the various regions, with 45 local agreements signed between producers and hoteliers, with more than 1 300 hotels which have been certified with the only certified product that actively links primary production with the hotel and tourism sector.  The Greek Breakfast is a base on which we will continue to build in order to strengthen our gastronomic identity, which is the guardian of the cultural element and tradition of our country.”

After the event, the President of the Hellenic Tourism Organisation, Ms Angela Gerekou, said: “The aim of all of us, both the State and the business world, must now be to place these quality, local products at every stage of the visitor’s travel experience. In this spirit, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels has already established for many years the truly inspiring ‘Greek Breakfast’ programme. This is the menu we will enjoy today which has been specially designed with local, top quality products from Attica. And of course, we must all contribute to ensure that this wonderful initiative of XEE is extended beyond Breakfast to all accommodation and catering businesses, to every link in the travel industry chain.”

The CEO of the Development Agency “New Metropolitan Attica S.A.”, Mr Iosif Parsalis said: “The culinary experience of Greek Breakfast, which focuses on authenticity, contributes economically to the local community, strengthens the local economy and local producers, contributes to sustainable development by reducing imports and transport. This is the message we as the Attica Development Organization seek to reinforce through synergy and cooperation with the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT). To support as much as we can the Greek Breakfast and Attica in particular and to set the basis for future projects through Attica DMMO.”


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